Six shifty Reasons You are not Losing weight

reasons you are not losing weight
reasons you are not losing weight

That is for you if you have already following Food journal, intense Workouts and yes enough fiber to maintain whole army regular. But you are not losing weight.

I think you got it. Here I know how you can lose your weight and cut your fats easily. I have been studying this topic for more than a decade

. That is the only reason I get angry when I watch people doing the wrong things in their life and making mistakes.

There are no results if you are putting your effort in the wrong direction. There are many people that the face the problem of constant weight even they are doing enough.

So now you have to make a decision that if you really want to lose weight or you want to stick in shifty things more.

Here I am going to discuss some things that I have been discovered about many peoples. If you are doing such mistakes you have to through some attention.

  1. You are a stint on protein.

reasons you are not losing weight
reasons you are not losing weight

Many studies show that protein is very important for weight loss. Your first mistake is that you are not eating enough protein.

Don’t be economical about protein.

Protein helps your body to lose enough weight at the initial level. It will help you cut your fat by not affecting the muscle growth. You are burning enough energy in workouts and not getting enough power from food.

Because you think eating little will help you lose weight. No doubt, But you have to fulfill the need of your body.

Because when you do workouts, your muscle starts healing and if you are not providing it enough power than it’s a great loss.

So you have to take enough protein diets. Proteins will help you lose weight fast and make you active. You will not feel lazy all day after doing workouts and even fasting.

Now the question is how much protein do you need for a day? “Amount of protein basically depends on the weight of the body but you can have 50 to 60 grams of protein daily.

A very well-known doctor said you can take Greek yogurt or some amount of eggs in order to take more protein for the day.

Eating meat in a day like beef and fish will help you get much protein for the day.

If you crave for snacks when you are watching a movie or doing a desk job, you can eat almonds. They make you work better and provides your protein.

So the first mistake that you are doing is less protein intake. Fix it and you will see many positive results.

  1. You are doing a Fine Desk job all day.

desk job
reasons you are not losing weight

You are doing a great workout of one hour every day. So what? Is that enough for your body, if you are sitting on a chair all day doing your stuff?

That’s the question many people ask that I am doing great workout but not losing weight. There is only a single reason for it.

You have less physical activity. If you start drinking water after every hour and you have to walk 50 steps to drink water.

Just think you are walking 600 steps for no reason and you will see results in days. There are many types of research that tell us that doing only workouts will not help you in weight loss. That’s the reason you are not losing weight.

You can burn many calories every day by just adding little things in your daily life.

Just set an alarm on your computer or cellphone that reminds you after every hour that you are now going to walk 50 steps.

If you start doing this thing, your body starts burning enough calories. Add walking in little works. For example, I even walk when I brush my teeth.

You can also some walk in your little works.  Make it a part of your family routine. We often go out for a morning walk.

And I and my sister start doing challenges like who take more steps. It’s easy, you just have to make it a habit.

If you are doing such silly mistakes in your life, you are not going to lose weight ever.


  1. You are not hydrating your body

reasons you are not losing weight
reasons you are not losing weight

We all know about the importance of water. Especially when it comes to losing weight. It helps in hydrating the body. Water makes you feel full so that you never overeat.

But that not all: When you got out of the water, your kidneys do not work properly. Many peoples make this mistake when they are losing weight or following a diet plan.

Your body needs enough water to lose weight.

You have to drink enough water if you are doing workouts, nearly double than the normal routine.

It will help your liver to work more effectively because the liver performs very hard tasks. So you need the energy to burn calories, and water will help you in that.

The most shocking thing about people is that are taking enough fiber and protein and doing enough workout but are not filling their water bags.

As much as you are increasing your fiber intake you have to take water.

So the question is how can I increase my water intake. Half of your body is composed of water so you have to pay attention to this.

First, you have to drink water in the morning before eating anything. Drinking in the morning is very effective. It will help you hydrate and wash your stomach. Once a doctor said, if you drink 4 to 5 litter water in normal days it will help you lose weight fast.

You can add a little size to your glass in which you drink water. You can add an alarm in your cell phone so that you can drink water every hour.

It will convert you into a peening machine but it is an effective way.

So if you are making such a mistake of not drinking water, don’t be foolish and start drinking enough water.

  1. Your calories calculation:

reasons you are not losing weight

I always consider myself a calories calculator in the days when I was losing weight. You have to pay attention to calories in and calories out the formula.

How much calories you are taking vs how much calories you are burning every day. Its basic math, if you are taking more calories than the amount you are burning, you gain weight.

And if you are burning more calories and taking less than your body starts losing weight fast and the results are fabulous.

You can calculate your BMR (Basal metabolic rate) and your weight.

Calculate the number of calories in your diet. Useless calories diet and increase fiber intake. Less your intake and increase your burn.

That’s the main solution of losing weight in days.

If you are making such a mistake, then even intense workouts will not help you. Eat a managed diet and burn enough calories.

  1. Work out on a regular bases:

reasons you are not losing weight

I know very well that how much gain an exercise can give but have any idea that your body needs time to heal every time after your workout.

Doing exercise and intense workouts are great for health and fitness but some people take it seriously.

You have to put some rest in your routine so that your body can heal properly.

Doing workouts a whole week is not a good approach in case of fitness and weight loss. It can dehydrate your body and in the result, you are not losing weight.

So you have to put one or two day rest in your workout routine so that your body can heal itself from damage and you will feel better after it.

Your body automatically makes its water level normal after doing this activity. So if you’re the one who is making this mistake.

Please leave it so that you can have better results.

  1. You may be in stress

reasons you are not losing weight
reasons you are not losing weight

I was the one who is always busy in a desk job. Working in a lab for 8 hours. That thing makes me take the stress and I start eating more than the normal routine.

I used to eat easy food and snacks.

That thing helps me getting pounds very fast. When your body gets stress, some doctors claim that your body starts craving fast to overcome stress. So we have to make us feel relax.

We can’t just relax our mind and body sleeping. A morning walk, great yoga, and good breath will help you overcome this stress.

There are many things that can help you in case of stress.

A balanced diet and a little exercise can help you and proved to be best for stress release.

Let your brain take rest.

Don’t be stuck in working stuff all the time. Spend quality time with your family, go for a walk with them and even enjoy with friends to overcome this.




I have concluded these all mistakes 3 months ago and started preventing myself from such mistakes.

Many people may not agree with me but that’s a way to lose weight fast.

And if you are making such mistakes, it may be a reason you are not losing weight.

I have lost 6 kg weight since I have started these things in my life.

So can also implement these steps if you are not getting satisfying results by your workouts and diets.

Good luck.

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