How can you lose Weight fast and efficiently

weight loss in fast way
Easy way of losing weight

What you want is to lose weight fast and efficiently & you also want to do it safely. The question here is how someone can do that?

The most important thing to remember is that all the experts say that the safest method to lose weight is to go slow.

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics if you are losing weight fast it will also result in a loss of muscle and water.

Losing 1-2 pounds in 7 days and avoiding the products which are promising you extraordinary results is the Academy’s Advice.

You need to stay in touch with a doctor, so he will make sure that you are getting the important nutrients for your body and losing weight without getting weaker.


It is a common saying that low calories in & more calories out.

It simply means you have to lose more calories than you are taking via food & drink. But it is not easy.

A lot of people can tell you that with their experiences. It is tough.

Your body or being specific your metabolism is turning your intake of calories to the energy.

Dropping your calories intake can create a deficiency of nutrients so you must do that very carefully.

You need to drop your intake in a very scientific way.

By assuring your proper intake, here are some methods. You can:

  • Decrease a little your meals.
  • Calculate your daily calorie intake and trim them a little.
  • Read carefully the food labels before buying to confirm your intake.
  • Drinking more water will make you feel not so hungry, so go for it.

Use any method you like but try to derive your energy from fruits, vegetables & grains. Keep yourself in touch with a nutritionist for a perfect diet plan.

Accountability and Support

weight loss accountability
weight loss in an easy way

Android is really a good friend. It is indeed also helping in weight loss. There are apps on the store which can help you track your food.

Your smartphone is always with you. Use it to make you remember your diet plan.

You can also do that with a pen and paper in your pocket or purse if you are a classic.

Motivation multiply your efforts. Tell it to the people around you. Your friends, family & neighbors.

They will motivate you for your efforts. It will help you pull that plan for longer.

You can also join a club or group of people who are doing efforts to lose their weight. It will affect you in several ways.

The most important thing you will get is a comparative calculation. You will be able to compare yourself with others.

You will be able to get a lot of tips. The encouragement you will drive from this will be unlimited.

Find What makes you Hungry

No doubt food is fuel, but it is the reality that a few people eat for that reason.

Mostly food is just food, a thing. Food is enjoyed, food is celebrated, food is gatherings, food is everything. All these things make us eat more.

The first step is to find the switch. Which things are making you eat? It can be stress, depression, happiness or even a reward for you.

The next step is to make a plan which will be ready in case of such a switch. It can be playing a game or talking to a friend or go for a walk. It can be anything but eating. This is a great technique to lose weight fast and efficiently.

The last step is to appreciate yourself by a reward, so you can’t leave that habit.
Note: Just don’t use food as a reward.

Reset your Eating times

weight loss in an easy way
weight loss in an easy way

You don’t need to stop or make a full stop on a specific food or a specific category of food.

Just need to reset your routine and cast out the regularities of eatables which are carrying fat.

You just need to break the motion. What you need is a different routine.

You can take everything, but you must decide a quantity for them.

Decrease added sugars

Here added sugars mean the sugar added in the cakes, sweets, drinks & cookies.

The sugar present in fruits is natural.

You need to decrease the intake of added sugar so that gradually your body starts depending on natural sugars. It will help you in losing weight fast and efficiently.

Be choosy about carbs

You can decide for yourself which ones you can take and how much you can take. Potatoes rank higher on the glycaemic index than asparagus.

You must try those which ones are low on the glycaemic index. Same as grains are better than processed items.

Include Protein Helps in Weight loss

Protein intake depends on your age, height, weight and other factors. Proteins are important for muscles so try the safest sources.

Proteins are found in vegetarian sources like beans, nuts, soy and also in the non-vegetarian sources like lean meat, poultry, fish and dairy.

Relationship with good fats 

Good fats are good for you in less quantity, very less. They make you feel full and avoid extra eating. Good fats here mean those ones found in fish, olive oil, nuts, and seeds.

Fill up on fiber 

Good sources include artichokes, green peas, broccoli, lentils, and lima beans. Among fruits, raspberries lead the list.

But in short, food which has a plant in it has fiber too. Feel free to take vegetables and whole grains. it will focus on lose weight fast and efficiently.

Divide the meals

 If you are eating 3 times a day, split it into 5 or 6 times a day or even more if you can so eating less more times is better than eating more fewer times.

It will keep your metabolism in a running condition every time. You will burn fat and eventually lose weight easily.

Drinks, No way 

weight loss in an easy way
weight loss in an easy way

An easy way to save yourself and lose weight is to cut off the sweet drink supply to your stomach. All the beverages, soda, cola or any others carry the barriers to lose weight.

Take the zero sugar or diet beverages or black coffee or lemon water instead.

It is not the question of how you are going to start your weight loss process. The question is how you are going to maintain that process.

Good health and a fit body depend on lifestyle change and exercise. It is a habit to adapt to your life. It will keep you healthy and save from a lot of diseases.

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