8 tips for weight loss fast by natural methods

Tips for weight loss fast
Tips for weight loss fast

We found a bundle of strategies which claim weight loss but none of them is backed by solid scientific evidence. There are some Tips for weight loss fast.

You can find these strategies in the form of diet plans or a supplement. You have also seen extensive exercise plans and cardio exercises nearly impossible for a common person which claim big deals.

Well, a lot where claim to do a miracle, there are some backed by proper science.

These strategies include a properly calculated mixture of some simple and easy to adapt things.

Here we are gathering such a mixture containing eight ways of solving your weight problem with very easy solutions.


Strategy with Weight loss as a goal & Science as a base

weight loss fast
Tips for weight loss fast
  1. Short Fasting:

Short fasting here refers to a way in which you take meals with small periods of fasts. It is not a whole day fast from dawn to dusk. It includes eating after shorter periods in a day.

Eating and fasting in such a way to make your metabolism to work faster. Faster working metabolism burns fat faster.

The spans of time can be of your interest, but the meals must not increase by three and all the three meals must lie in a 10-hour window of the day starting with your first one.

It means you have to be on a long fast of 14 hours after the third and last meal. After that, you can extend the fast to change the 10-hour window but can’t eat early to change the time.


  1. Track what you eat:

In the recent year, the health and diet tracking apps downloaded by users are in billions. Your eating tracking apps are now one of the most popular ones.

Tracking what you are eating is very important. What you eat if you are calculating every day it will make you more conscious about your diet.

Gradually you will be on a number. Whatever number of calories you are taking normally cut out it a little. After that start maintaining it.

If by mistake you have taken more, let’s say 100, next day take 100 less.

It will slowly put you in a proper routine.


  1. Eat in a proper way:

Eating in a proper way doesn’t mean choosing the right things to eat. Here it means the way of eating.

Most people spend a busy life they eat in a rush or while driving or walking or standing. Eating in an improper way disturbs your body metabolism.

The best way to adapt to eating manners includes eating along with someone or to leave everything when eating. Even for some minutes, you need to forget the day and tasks.

Some must eat manners include the following:

  • Eat slowly and chew your food properly. Taste it and expand its intake some minutes longer.
  • Eat while sitting without a relaxing position.
  • Don’t eat too much beyond your limits.


  1. Protein Breakfast:

Breakfast is like starting fuel of an engine. Breakfast starts your day and the metabolism too. A good protein breakfast makes you feel full for a longer time.

What you need is to choose a good list of breakfasts which are full of protein, so you can switch on your metabolic activities with healthy fuel.

A good protein breakfast includes eggs, butter, Good choices for a high-protein breakfast include eggs, oats, nut, and seed butter, porridge and sardines.

easy weight loss
Tips for weight loss fast
  1. Saying goodbye to added sugars:

Added sugars are those ones which are added in a thing by us or a commercial brand like beverages or ice cream. Natural sugars are those found in things naturally like mangoes and honey.

You need to say goodbye to the added sugars to avoid any increase in the fat while you are already losing them.

It simply means if you are having a craving of sweets you can fulfill it by having natural juices without added sugars or you can eat fruits.

These tips for weight loss fast will help you cut weight easily.

  1. Fill yourself with Fibre:

Foods with fiber make you feel full as they are not digested by the small intestine. The feeling of full eventually ends in a routine of less eating. If you are eating less, it means metabolism is deriving the remaining energy for the tasks of the body from the stored fat of your body.

So, what you need is to take plenty of fiber for the weight loss strategy.

Foods rich with fiber are:

  1. Peas, Beans, Pulses
  2. Whole-Grain meals
  3. Nuts & Seeds
  4. Fruits & Vegetables

In case of any heart problem (watch me).

  1. A Relaxing Sleep:

Sleep is like the coolant of our body. Whole day brain is doing multiple tasks even you consider yourself busy or not, but your mind is always busy.

After hours of processes, the brain got tired and need to cool down for a while to start up again. This coolant is sleep. It ensures that your brain must work perfectly.

Researches suggest that processes like metabolism work more efficiently if the brain is fresh. A tired brain slows down the processes of the body, so a relaxing sleep is a must to lose weight.

  1. Do something for stress:

Stress is something which effects on about everything in you. It even disturbs your hormones.

To lose weight you need to get rid of stress. Stress triggers different patterns in different people. Some people eat more in stress & some eat less.

Both above conditions of overeating or under eating disturb the metabolism and thus result in not working efficiently. To lose weight you need a healthy mental state.

To avoid stress you can adopt an exercise or can join a gym, or you can put your mind in a healthy activity with fun like sports or an indoor game. You can also choose to read books or watch movies.

Tips for weight loss fast
Tips for weight loss fast

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