8 best exercises For belly fat Removal


Here we are going to discuss the 8 best exercises for belly fat. These exercises are also great for weight loss routine.

You don’t need any Gym and equipment for these exercises.

This Total workout contains the following exercises.

8 best Exercise For Belly Fat disposal.

Leg Drops:

This is our first exercise, lay down on a comfortable place and do 20 legs drop. Maintain breathing gently.

Now take rest of 10 seconds after doing it and move to your next exercise.

Reverse Crunches:

You 2nd exercise is reverse Crunches. 20 reverse crunches and again maintain the breath. Good breathing is 30% of your workout. If you properly inhale and exhale, your workout results will improve.

Now Rest for 25 seconds and again set up for the next exercise.

Knee truck Crunch:

20 knee truck crunches is a very effective workout for belly fat. Do 20 knee truck crunches

And you will feel the burn in your abs.

Take Rest for 25 seconds.

Russian Twist:

Your next exercise is a Russian Twist. Do 20 Russian twist and they gave a massive impact on your love handles.

Take a rest for 25 seconds.

Reach trough:

Now do 20 reach through. This workout will affect your upper abs and burns fat fast.

Move on to your next exercise by taking rest 30 seconds.

Heel Touches:

You have done this exercise before as it is taken as a part of every weight loss plan.

It has a great impact on your belly. Do 20 Heel touches.

Rest for 30 seconds.

Single Leg Jacknife:

Now do 20 single leg jacknife that means 10 on each leg. Maintain your breath, don’t stop breathing, let the blood rushes from your muscles fast.

Take rest for 30 seconds.


Your last exercise in Plank. Do plank for 20 seconds. Plank is a very important part of fat loss workouts as it impacts on shoulders, belly, and chest fat.

These workouts are easy and simple and you can do it even at home.

8 best exercises For belly fat will help you lose fat in days and you will see the result.

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